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Dear Readers,

This has been, or perhaps we should say this is still an almost global shutdown, the likes of which we have never seen before - and which few of us could ever have imagined. For the time being, the new reality of 'social distancing' caused by the all-determining pandemic is something we will have to live with and, of course, will have to accept. How difficult this is going to be in the future is something we probably only have a vague idea of at the moment. 

This issue of EK Connect magazine reflects the discrepancies between the kind of normality we are familiar with and a new normality that we will have to get used to. We have therefore included a report on the EK risk management system that is now in place as a result of the new coronavirus. There is also a threat of a serious impact resulting from a worldwide recession. Unfortunately, this is all as real as our description of the renaissance of the use of timber in construction or how senior citizens keep fit playing video games. 

We hope for the best, today and tomorrow. And we’ll keep our fingers crossed that you stay healthy - and that includes all your fellow workers and friends at EK. 

Your EK Team.






The EK stand at glasstec 2018 has received yet another award: the German Design Award is now the second distinction after the Iconic Award, which we received for our successful trade fair presentation. We are very pleased - and say 'Thank you' from the bottom of our hearts!

BEE CREATIVE!  EK’s large-scale hands-on campaign for children

Buzz, buzz, buzz - busy bees are everywhere, collecting pollen for the production of honey. This inspired us to launch a large-scale 'bee a part of the action' campaign for all children in and around the EK community. 

So children, under the motto BEE CREATIVE!, let your imagination run wild based on the theme of 'bees' and flowers, summer and sunshine. You can decide to paint great pictures, create something colorful, take fantastic photos or write wonderful stories and poems – it’s entirely up to you. And the best thing about it all is that every child who takes part receives a jar of honey as a thank you - collected by our own EK bees. 

Send your creations by e-mail or by post to EK by 30 June under the keyword BEE CREATIVE! And because a jar of tasty EK honey will be waiting for every participant, please don't forget to add your name and address!



EK in the grip of a global pandemic 

Pulling together to beat the coronavirus. For our employees and suppliers. And for our customers – with Business Intelligence.


glasstec 2020 will now become glasstec 2021

Postponed does not mean cancelled – why the new trade fair date is mid 2021. We use the time to go for a stroll through the new 'Ingenhoven Valley' in Düsseldorf. 


When it comes to saving steel, EK is ahead of the game

Punching, forming and bending millions of stiffeners is not a job for anyone. We explain why this is a job specifically for EK!


In focus: Annika Falk und Michael Kühl

EK employees: one dreams of the ultimate photo safari in faraway Africa. The other is looking for traces of his childhood in the Far East. 


Fine timber!

Timber towers provide the evidence: timber is the building material with the greatest potential for development and an integral component of a new architecture. 


Senior gamers: playing video games to combat dementia 

Who would have thought that the much-criticized computer games also have a good side? They do, quite simply because “playing video games" keeps the elderly mobile and improves cognitive performance.   


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